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Nutrition - Balanced Nutrition

Without proper nutrition we will not have consistent energy levels, we will not lose fat as efficiently, we will not maintain or grow lean muscle tissue, and most importantly without balanced nutrition you will set yourself up for all sorts of different ailments, disease and shortening of the life span. Our goal is to motivate you to want to take responsibility for your own health! You have got to establish healthy eating habits also so you can be a positive role model for your kids! It is no mystery why we have so much of an increase in obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses with our children!

They are not learning by example of how to eat from us! Knowledge is power so we're going to encourage all of you to go back to elementary school and review basic nutrition. Most of us probably know how to eat right, but we need to be reminded. We need to have it reinforced in our noggins of how important it is! Lets refer to the food pyramid. Most of your foods should come from the lower portion of the triangle and smaller portions as you move up. Now you can see the bottom of the triangle is grains and starches, or we can say complex carbohydrates.

Yes you need carbohydrates! Do not follow any eating plan that eliminates carbohydrates or encourages extremely low amounts. We are all human beings and require the same nutrients, maybe only in slightly different ratios. Moving up the triangle we find that we need 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables. Now this is one area where most people are extremely negligent. Therefore a multi-vitamin and mineral is necessary. Next we get into our lean proteins and at the top our fats. It really is quite simple. The challenge many people have is taking the time to plan and prepare their foods. This is where the importance of meal replacement drinks and bars come in to play.

Today's lifestyles place a demand on our time, to be able to eat a complete meal replacement bar and know that you just got the nourishment that your body needed is very important. We know it is not reasonable to prepare 5 -6 healthy meals daily, so that is exactly why we have formulated the best products for you in our opinion. Utilizing Prosperity Nutrition's lineup of awesome products you can assure yourself the macro and micronutrients your body needs.

Everyone has the time to eat healthy, just be reasonable and plan on substituting a nutritious meal replacement product. It just is not a high enough of a priority to many. This is detrimental to their energy levels, their health, their kids and relationships! This is an issue that should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to start educating yourself on nutrition. We assure you knowledge is power. You will begin to make better food choices as it is reinforced in your head and heart. We would also like to strongly suggest that you go to the bookstore at this site and chose a book or tape series that can help and encourage you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Nutrition - In our opinion

As far as we are concerned there is only one way to eat. You must eat the proper proportions from all of the food groups as shown on the food pyramid. There is just no getting around it. The eating issues people have or the illness and disease they suffer from because of poor nutrition and obesity is not because they didn't have the right new diet plan or the latest silly exercise equipment. It really comes down to people not having a bright vision of health and happiness for their lives. If the thought process is dominantly " I have to eat better so I look better" your thinking is wrong. You have got to think I need to eat better because:

  • I need to feel better
  • I need high energy levels so I can be a productive person
  • It is my responsibility to be a good role model for my children
  • I do not want illness and disease to be part of my life
  • I want to have a happy and healthy home. Poor nutrition will affect my entire family negatively
  • I want to have a healthy self-image. When I eat poorly I know I'm not doing what I should be doing. This makes me feel bad and affects all areas of my life.

To start thinking this way you will need to renew your mind. You have got to change some stinking thinking. This means you need new positive information going into your head. You will not change by just wishing it!

Positive and educational tapes and books will help you to set goals, control your destiny, and educate you on nutrition. When you begin eating healthy and incorporating consistent exercise into your life for the right reasons you can then achieve your fitness or physique goals! Think from the inside out and the outside will be lean, fit and healthy.

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